Saturday, 7 August 2010

1 sleep

Roger is AU for The Wooden Boards Day (on tomorrow), Showcasing The Cabbage tree timber Gun, Hope the day goes well for Grant Newby event organiser, He is a great guy, So if you are near Currumbin on the Gold Coast of Australia tomorrow, You should go check it out, Wooden Surfboards as far as the eye can see, YEW !, Micro*


Dreamer said...

Post some pics if you get some, i'll pop them on the Cabbage Tree Gun thread, it'll finish it off nicely ;)

micro said...

long time no hear mate, will get some pics from grant or lulu to post when they get back, i not gone to aussie with roger this time, bit gutted but got family stuff to do, will be an awesome day over there tomorrow, those lucky buggers, micro c*