Sunday, 22 August 2010

all about doug

Finely tuned Speeding Dialer for Mr.Dougie P, Set for glossing mate, Simple and classy, Micro*


Douglas said...


micro said...

the kind of comment i would leave, you must be a photographer !, hows life dougie, hope you well mate, mike c

Douglas said...

LOL! Hey Mike, all good here mate, loving being a dad & living on the coast. Just did a week in Raro for a mates wedding, bagged some nice stockies in the process.

Whatcha been up too? I haven't seen you out our way for donkeys.

You on Facebook?

Chur Chur!

micro said...

yew mate, all good, three boys keeps me on my toes, yip i am on facebook, i dont use it much but plan to a bit more, do a friend request and i will think about it !, ha, just kidding, i will get the wife to show me how to use facebook again, i am a sad old technophobic, mike c