Wednesday, 11 August 2010

some adventure

Here are a few images from Roger's Aussie Adventure, From top, 1: Roger with Gold Coast legend surfer/shaper 'DVS' Dick Van Straalen and his Solid Balsa Hot Curl, 2: Mike Connor, Tom Wegener and Roger at The Gold Coast Surf Museum shaper's evening last week, 3: Tom discussing flex, 4: Roger with one of his Chambered Wooden Speed Dialers which talked about that night and was one of the wooden boards he displayed at the Wooden Boards Day last Sunday, Micro* PS Photos Supplied by Grant Newby.

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GoGo said...

Yep I'm impressed, would loved to have been there, that's the guy that shapes our boards talking to the world. Now all I gotta do is try and surf to the same standard he makes his boards.