Saturday, 11 September 2010

Comp C+

Hey Dougie, Your Comp C+ looks very classy mate, Full solid Red Resintint, Seeing as you take the odd photo or two I thought i would do something a bit different for you, This is a detail of your tint, 100 Macro, Expied 1600 Fuji Superia, Full sunlight and under exposed, It's a bit arty I know, But I like it, More (non-arty) images soon mate, Micro*


Douglas said...

Ni-iiiiiiice, almost looks like a custom car spray! I'm all juiced-up to see it now ya bugger! LOL! Farrrk! I'm soooo curious, it looks really illuminous like fish scales, when it might just be your arty-farty shot! Hmmmmmmm.... Look what you've done to me! Ha!

Hey, just got back from four days down Q-town shooting the slopes (no, not shooting Japs!), got a few keepers, and that's with a migraine! I'll post a few on FB.

When we surfing btw?


micro said...

mate it is about as arty farty as i get, seriously the tint is lush, super nice red,you will be fizzing, mike c