Wednesday, 23 February 2011

fresh fish for the fry

The Alley Fish Fry organiser Grant Newby from the Gold Coast has posted the 2011 Fish Fry project board on his blog at >>>> Check it out, Mike C.


Dreamer said...

Any dim,s and template info Mike?

Mike C said...

hey mate, 5'11'' x 17-3/8'' x 22-18'' x 17'' x 2-15/16'', concave wing Twin Keel, Foam, Paulownia and Redwood, Stringer is 1-7/8'' Redwood, Paulownia, Hoop Pine and Mahoganey, Lok Box boxes with timber inlays and RFC Twin Keels, SICK MATE !, hope you are good mate, cheers mike c

Dreamer said...

thanx Mike, i'm doing well, still not 100%, but getting there slowly...cheers.